Ohh No! YouTube Reviewer Is Stranded by a Hummer in the Wilderness

The Fast Lane Truck has a difficulty with the Hummer EV's ground clearance. TFL's truck's air suspension caused the truck to suddenly lower itself.

To increase off-road clearance, they chose to follow the conventional approach and swap the Hummer EV's 35-inch tyres with 37-inch ones.

In a previous film, the vehicle hit a boulder head-on because it lacked the clearance to get around it.

TFL wanted to test approach, departure, and breakover angles using taller tyres.

After resetting the car, he eventually succeeded in starting it again, but only in two-wheel drive.

He attempted to push the truck up a steep incline in two-wheel drive, but it struggled.

Mica tried again after reaching enough speed to lock the rear differential. No such luck. He eventually prevailed by taking a different path. But the